Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What I've Read: Generations by Flavia Biondi

Thank you to NetGalley and Lion Forge for providing copies of this book.

I love a good graphic memoir - it's probably my favorite genre of comic, especially after having been long burnt out on the superhero genre - at Generations by Flavia Biondi is a stunning example of the genre.

At once confessional, heartfelt, and introspective, Generations follows a brief period of coming of age for its protagonist, Matteo. He's back in his country hometown after a harsh breakup in Milan, living with his ailing grandmother and colorful aunts, and dealing with the dual challenges of being closeted and heartbroken.

Generations explores grief and love in its many iterations, framed principally by Matteo's breakup with his ex-boyfriend Massimo, as well as the difficulty of being estranged from his father shortly after coming out.

The introspection and self-growth in Generations unfolds organically, packing several emotional punches but never feeling overwrought or melodramatic. A beautiful examination of what it means to grow into oneself - and finding your place in your family and your own skin.

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